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Story of my life

It started when I reached the age of 18. My parents bought 2 Reloop turntables (vinyl) and a 2 channel mixer for my birthday. That's when I started mixing. At that time hardcore was all the rage so it wasn't hard to pick a genre.

Shortly after that it became obvious every Dj needs to produce his own tracks. So I started to f*ck around with Fruityloops which (after making 2 or 3 tracks) didn't work out. I got sick of it and deleted the program right away. That's when I got Reason 3.0, it took me a while to get the hang of it but fortunately I had a mentor who tought me a lot about music production named Willem "Omkara Techichi" Warry

After creating several hardcore tracks I got an exclusive contract at Cardiac Music B.V. The plan was to release my tracks under a sublabel called Meta-4 owned by Ophidian but unfortunately that was the time vinyl started to die and well,lets just say it didn't work out for me.

At that point me and a friend of mine started creating house music under the name Deviance. We created a track called Fellatio which was released on Vato Gonzales' label Dirty House and it became a hit. Another track that worked well was 93 Million Miles which was released on a compilation of The Partysquad. Ultimately it was a learning curve for us we got a lot of gigs (the biggest one being an Ex-pornstar party) but somewhere along the way we decided to take a break.

After that I went to Amsterdam to follow the Electronic Music Production course at the SAE Institute Amsterdam and finished it. I've learned a lot from my teacher MarcoAntonio "Crystal Maze" Spaventi and every fragmented bit of knowledge I procured over the years started to make a whole lot more sense to me.

That's when I decided to start over under the name Vinnybunny. How I got that name? It was my little niece who gave me that nickname. (Don't ask why.) After a while my whole family started calling me Vinnybunny and since I needed a new artist name, why not Vinnybunny?

As I was developing and trying out new styles and things I have learned I decided to do more projects/styles. Im currently working on 4 projects at the same time which do not intertwine with each other. I upgraded my studio with lots of acoustic panels, new gear and I noticed my ears have developed massively as well. I keep learning more and more stuff and thankfully, that will never end!

That's all there is to it!